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Technical Quiz - 1

By Dualmasti - Sunday, May 27, 2012

Questions & Answers

Q. What is PAN, ISM Band? 

Ans : ISM band: Industrial, Scientific and Medical band

The ISM radio bands were originally reserved internationally for the use of RF energy for industrial, scientific and medical purposes other than communications. Examples of applications in these bands include radio-frequency process heating, microwave ovens, and medical diathermy machines. The powerful emissions of these devices can create electromagnetic interference and disrupt radio communication using the same frequency, so these devices were limited to certain bands of frequencies

Radio Frequency Spectrum & Industrial Scientific Medical (ISM)

LF                              HF                      UHF                            Microwave 
125 Hz-140KHz    13.56 MHz      860 MHz-960 MHz        2.45 GHz -5.8. GHz
                                                 865 MHz-869 MHz ( India)
In general, communications equipment operating in these bands must accept any interference generated by ISM equipment.

PAN : Personal Area Network

A network for interconnecting devices centered around an individual person's workspace - in which the connections are wireless. Typically, a wireless personal area network uses some technology that permits communication within about 10 meters - in other words, a very short range. One such technology is Bluetooth, using which we can connect our mobile phone, our wireless headphone, laptop.

 A WPAN could serve a more specialized purpose such as allowing the surgeon and other team members to communicate during an operation. 

A key concept in WPAN technology is known as "plugging in". In the ideal scenario, when any two WPAN-equipped devices come into close proximity (within several meters of each other) or within a few kilometers of a central server, they can communicate as if connected by a cable. Another important feature is the ability of each device to lock out other devices selectively, preventing needless interference or unauthorized access to information.

The technology for WPANs is in its infancy and is undergoing rapid development. Proposed operating frequencies are around 2.4 GHz in digital modes. The ISM bands are widely used for Radio-frequency identification (RFID) applications, including those used by biometric passports and contactless smart cards.

Q. What is Sticky Bit ?

Ans : A bit in the page table which is set to 1 when a shared program is in use to prevent its pages being replaced as long as at least one user is executing the shared program.

Q. Why pointer concept is not in java?

Ans : A) 1. Pointers are a notorious source of bugs. Eliminating them simplifies the language and eliminates many potential bugs. Pointers and pointer arithmetic could be used to sidestep Java's run-time checks and security mechanisms. Removing pointers allows Java to provide the security guarantees that it does.
 2. Java is a platform independent language and also it is a one type of internet based language. 
3. All the object creation act like pointers only. Only thing is java has the facility of garbage collector, so no need to deallocate memory.

b. What is the Output of following program?
class A 
{ public static void main(String[] s) 
           {           System.out.println(s[1] + s[2] + s[3]);     } 
Parameters passed : java A 12345 
(i) 1             (ii) 12           (iii)1234          (iv) ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException    (v) Compilation Error 

Ans: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException

Q. What is a satellite Assembly?

i. A Peripheral Assembly Designed to Monitor Permissions requests from an application.
 ii. Any DLL file used by an EXE file.
 iii. An assembly containing localized resources for another assembly.
 iv. An assembly designed to alter the appearance or an application.

 Ans : iii) An assembly containing localized resources for another assembly.

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